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Global Montessori House is an Internationally Accredited Early Learning Centre offers Montessori Education for kids from 1.8 years to 6 Years, managed by International Education Trust, which is run by volunteers who are sincere and established professionals and who are interested to see that every bit of donations gathered from various sources reach the needy and brilliant students, without which, they would have perished in the darkness of the Social abyss.

In Global Montessori House, our classrooms are led by warm, caring, experienced caregivers and Montessori certified teachers. Our bright classrooms and outdoor playgrounds create plenty of space for movement, exploration, and discovery.  Our school is designed to appeal to the natural curiosity of the child in a secure, respectful, and encouraging setting.  The best way to become familiar with our extraordinary program is to experience it. Please review our website and give us a call to schedule a tour. We are confident that you will be impressed by what Global Montessori House has to offer. 


About Us

The School


 Global Montessori House of Children is an innovative educational  institution managed by International Education Trust (IET) with Montessori environment providing child centered Pre-Primary Education to the children from 2 years to 6 years. 

The Montessori Method


 The Montessori Method, developed by Dr.Maria Montessori, is centered upon the belief that one should  provide the most positive and harmonious development of the whole  child. This ultimately prepares them for a rich lifetime of learning and  experience. 

The Curriculum


Global Montessori House's Montessori curriculum is clearly laid out with homely atmosphere all apparatus and learning materials methods with Montessori environment providing child centered education, enabling parents to clearly understand their child's progress. 

Montessori Programs


Infant Community (Mont 0 & Mont 1)

 A small community of children (age 1.8 years to just under 2.5 years)  come together five mornings a week, collaborating in the everyday  activities of life, building their skills and independence as they go.  In the first years of life, your child is creating the fundamental  elements of their personality and character, the mindset and attitudes  they will carry with them into their adult life. 


Children's House (Mont 2)

 Children start in the Children’s House between the ages of 2.5 and 3. In a Montessori Children’s House, children are uniquely supported to think for themselves and do for themselves.  The mixed-aged group of children are free to direct their own learning,  and learn quickly to respect the work of people around them. The children become experts in guiding their own learning and discovering the world.  


Children's House (Mont 3)

 A child gains confidence and responsibility at this age group. We  provide them the clarity and motivation to pursue the first step towards  primary education. Children of this age have an innate drive to find out about their world, their time and place, to make sense of it and  make it theirs. The Montessori Place offers children the keys to the  world, preparing them to find and take their place in it. 

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Global Montessori House

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