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Our Syllabus

Global Montessori House follows the Montessori approach for the early years of learning for children from the age of 2.5 years to 6 years. Every child is unique and has enormous scope for development from the very young age when exposed to right environment both at home and school. 

The Montessori Educational Program follows integrated thematic approach that ties difference disciplines together into studies of the physical universe, the world of nature, and the human experience.  In the Montessori education, there is a framework which specifies learning outcomes and the knowledge and skills to be learned. 


Montessori Curriculum

Practical Life Exercises


 This part of the Montessori program aims at encouraging students to perform deeds that promote freedom, build synchronization and indulge students in social activities which serve as a doorway to a meaningful life. At this juncture, the children learn to practice work independently. This practical area includes a variety of items commonly used in the day to day life like eating, putting on a costume and so on.

Sensorial Experiences


 Our Montessori Sensorial materials are offered aiming at the total development of the child. Each of the activities isolates one defining quality, such as color, weight, shape, texture, size, sound and smell. The main purpose of these activities is to help the child sort out the many impressions collected by the senses. The Sensorial materials help the child to distinguish, to categorize, and to relate new information to what he/she already know 



 Montessori mathematics materials enable even a very young child to achieve a natural appreciation of mathematical concepts through his or her own efforts. By using concrete materials during the early years, the child can learn the basic concepts of mathematics and the relationship between numbers and quantities. Mathematics activities are organized into  numbers, decimal system, counting, arithmetic tables, abstraction etc.

Language & Literacy


In the Montessori House of Children, they learn to express themselves. The freedom offered to the children creates many opportunities for them to communicate with their peers and the adults. We emphasize the development of vocabulary based on real experiences and the early preparation required for reading and writing. 

Geography & Science


 In Global Montessori House, Our Montessori Program devised special care and attention to teach knowledge of the entire world and its places which will be taught on spontaneous interest from the kids. Separate elements are presented to the kids to understand the earth and geographical locations visually. 

Child Empowerment


To empower children is to guide them to feel valued, capable and to realise they play the role of creator in their own lives and futures. In Global Montessori House, we empower the kids by Grow confidence and self-esteem, Encourage independence, Build resilience, Develop self-respect &  Make them better learners.

Montessori Programs


Infant Community (Mont 0 & Mont 1)

 A small community of children (age 1.8 years to just under 2.5 years)  come together five mornings a week, collaborating in the everyday  activities of life, building their skills and independence as they go.  In the first years of life, your child is creating the fundamental  elements of their personality and character, the mindset and attitudes  they will carry with them into their adult life. 


Children's House (Mont 2)

 Children start in the Children’s House between the ages of 2.5 and 3. In a Montessori Children’s House, children are uniquely supported to think for themselves and do for themselves.  The mixed-aged group of children are free to direct their own learning,  and learn quickly to respect the work of people around them. The children become experts in guiding their own learning and discovering the world.  


Children's House (Mont 3)

 A child gains confidence and responsibility at this age group. We  provide them the clarity and motivation to pursue the first step towards  primary education. Children of this age have an innate drive to find out about their world, their time and place, to make sense of it and  make it theirs. The Montessori Place offers children the keys to the  world, preparing them to find and take their place in it. 

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